With stringent regulations being in force in all hotels and restaurants, it is important for establishments to store food correctly to avoid the risk of contamination.

Food is ideally kept in storage which keeps it fresh, at the right temperature and reduces the amount of waste. We offer bespoke cold storage solutions to suit the needs of your business, whether designed and tailored to fit whichever type of space you have, to modular standard-fit coldroom refrigeration.

If your refrigeration space is limited, but a traditional refrigerator cabinet is no longer large enough or fit for purpose, then a modular cold room may be the answer for you.

Product Service Support

To make sure your cold rooms continue to meet standard regulations, we offer fabric maintenance support to maintain the durability and efficiency of your cold room.

Optional extras such as ramps, goalposts, kick plates, sliding/ hinged doors, independent suspended ceilings, strip curtains etc are available.

For further information about hospitality refrigeration options, contact our team on 02922 405461.